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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

On the Eve of Surgery

One of these days this'll be my fav treat...for now the cold feels good on my gums!

Sweet Slumber...mommy wishes she could sleep like this on the eve of my Heart Surgery

Falling Asleep in Daddy's arms.  Daddy & I had a long talk about surgery tomorrow and how there gonna fix my heart so I'll be all better.  I was a hungry girl the day before....I ate a whole jar of applesauce for dinner!  Mommy says that's the first time I've eaten that much at one time ever!

Mommy could only breastfeed me till 3:30am.  I was hungry at 2:30am so I woke her up!  First time I woke up since in the middle of the night since I was 2 weeks old! My mommy thinks I knew what was coming tomorrow so I wanted to make sure I stored up before they put me on an IV for a few days.

My Daddy, Grandpa Todd, Uncle Aaron, and John, the 2nd Counselor of our ward (who loves the Simpsons sitcom, claims there's always a morale...even used examples in his sunday school!) , all came to give me a blessing I would do good with surgery tomorrow.  They gave mommy a blessing too.

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