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Monday, September 13, 2010

Hello All-

I just wanted to keep all of you in the loop with Aspen's upcoming surgery. Of course her impatient mother called Primaries & made them expedite the pre-authorization...that way we kind find out what's on our dime. The surgery will be performed Monday SEPTEMBER 27th. She goes in for pre-surgery lab work at 9:30am Sunday the day before. I spoke to the coordinator at Primaries Cardiothoracic and found out that the primary surgeon will be Phillip T. Burch MD with the 2nd surgeon Peter C. Kouretas, MD PhD. Attached is a link to tell you about the surgeons...I'm sure they are amazing at what they do...people come from all over the country to have the surgeons at Primaries do surgeries.

They'll let me know what time to be at the hospital Monday when I take Aspen in for the Pre-op blood work on Sunday. They will also do what they call a TEE or transesophaeal echocardiogram which used ultrasound technology to access the condition of the heart. It differs from the ECHOs she's had previously except with a TEE the transducer is guided into her esophogus until it rests directly behind the heart.. From this vantage point, the sound waves do not have to pass through the skin, muscle, or bone allowing very detailed images for the surgeons.
Information the TEE provides is

-the size/struction of heart chambers & any structural problems (like Aspen's hole between the 2 atria chambers)
-the amount of blood the heart can pump
-the structure and movement of the heart values (or condition of the artificial inplated valve)
-conditions of blood vessels
-presence of blood clots or tumors in the heart

Potential risks is that she could have a reaction to sedatives, the transducer going down her espophagus could cause nausea or some discomfort but the majority of people don't experience discomfort, & though VERY RARE there is always a chance the transducer could damage the esophagus causing infection or bleeding.

As far as the day of surgery, it'll be morning I'm sure...but I'll let you know the schedule when I get it. They said the surgery from when they take her into surgery with prep and the surgery itself will take about 4-5 hours. We will be able to meet the surgeons the morning of the surgery and they will of course give us updates. Her cartiologist, Dr. Polchalski, says she is very healthy and it makes a world of difference that I've exclusively breast fed her....part of that was her stubborness in not taking a bottle! They expect her to be in intensive care for 1-2 weeks.

Anyway, sorry this is a little long...I just want to keep all of you in the know. My parents and my ward are doing ward fasts the Sunday before & I appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers on Aspen's behalf.

Nicole, Karsten & Baby Aspen

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  1. Nicole and Karsten-

    I've been thinking of you and Aspen all day. Hope that the surgery went according to plan and that all is well. Tomorrow I will call or come by the hospital. Many prayers were offered for sweet Aspen yesterday.
    Sue Proctor